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About us...


There’s something about walking into a room that speaks to who you are. Whether it be your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even your office, we find a quiet comfort in being among items that tell our story.
Sometimes we add chapters to the stories of our finds and sometimes
the story begins with us. Each space is a creation of our own making
and we fill them with reflections of who we are, of what inspires us, and brings us comfort. At Rhen.Ovations we want to be a part of your creation!

It has always been our dream to share our reimaginings and unique finds with others. From that dream Rhen.Ovations was born. We're a mother and daughter team specializing in handmade, vintage, and reimagined home decor, refinished furniture, and so much more!
Our love for home and art is what inspires us! We’re true believers in the psychology of home decor. We want our spaces to become our havens; our place of refuge. We aim to inspire thinking outside the box of traditional home decor by combining different design aesthetics. You are unique and your design style should be as unique as you are.
Bringing the forgotten and discarded back to life is where our journey began. We’re always on the hunt for beautiful pieces with awesome potential. There’s something exhilarating about coming across a piece of furniture and seeing past it’s slightly rough and worn exterior. The search isn't always easy. Each piece must pass a hefty check list that includes quality and uniqueness. We look for furniture that is sturdy, has good bones, and comes from a safe environment.
Once it has passed all of our test we begin to reimagine what it can be. Our constant search for the right pieces has led us to estate and
yard sales, hidden away thrift shops, and impromptu trips to get our hands on something truly unique.
Each piece is thoroughly cleaned and repaired if necessary. These careful steps ensure the pieces are structurally sound and safe to put in your home.
The focus of our business has gravitated to our handmade creations. We love bringing a thought or idea to life. Our recently launched “Handmade Collection” expresses our love for creating from scratch.
The collection includes handmade wood stands, custom pillows, stamped napkins, paintings, and so much more! Since these items are handmade, no two items will ever be the same. Each piece is made with focus, care, and love because we’re incredibly passionate about what we do!
We often come across vintage home decor items that we have a different vision for. We reinterpret what the piece can be and then add a different element to it. Sometimes a layer of paint does the trick and sometimes we take it a bit further. In many instances we incorporate different techniques from distressing to antiquing to breathe new life in
a piece. We also like to introduce new material. We can add chicken wire and a wreath to a simple vintage frame to create a beautiful and unique wall accent. We can paint the cover of a book and turn into the perfect addition to your vignette. The possibilities are endless when using our creativity!
Of course, one of our favorite aspects of this business is our
vintage and antique finds. We love the thrill of the hunt! We’re
constantly searching for unique items with timeless appeal. The best part about a lot of our finds are the stories that they tell. We devote time to research some of our truly unique pieces and bring that story to you! Our spaces should tell the story of who we are, but we should never be afraid to add a chapter to stories already written.
Our handmade and reimagined items are usually created from salvaged materials. We love creating with reusable materials because in our modern, consumer driven world we want to have a positive impact on our environment. We like to work with many different paints and finishes but chalk paint is our go-to. It gives our pieces a beautiful finish that's durable and long lasting. You'll enjoy our reimaginings for years to come.
When it comes to our found vintage items we try to curate finds that are rare. We save you the time of searching for that perfect and unique piece at a great price! Because many of our handmade and reimagined items are made from salvaged materials they are truly one-of-a-kind. Once we have sold out of our already limited supply it is likely this item will not be able to be replicated quite the same way or at all making it extra special!
Our mission is to simply create. Our focus is helping to create spaces that invoke inspiration, comfort, passion, and nostalgia. We want your space to reflect who you are.We are proud “do-it-yourself'ers” that put love, care, and thoughtfulness into everything we create. We hope that what we do serves to inspire and helps create the perfect space for you!
You can find our creations at The Market and on the road at vending events.
We also operate an online store and offer shipping, local delivery (with delivery fee), and free pick-up.