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Place Item On Hold

On the contact form let us know what item you are holding. The first inquiry we receive will be the first in line. If we are unable to complete the transaction we'll go to the next inquiry. If you are not the first inquiry we will keep you updated on the status of the piece. You'll receive and invoice for the hold fee. It is automatically $25.00, non-refundable.
The "Hold Fee"  holds this item in our retail space at The Market, located at 141 W. Lexington Ave. in High Point, NC. This non-refundable fee is to ensure you're serious about purchasing this item. Your "hold fee" will be applied to the total price of your purchase. Once you have paid the fee the item will become unavailable for purchase on our website and in our booth to anyone else.
It's all yours!
You'll receive an email confirming your purchase and another email shortly after with information on how to pick up your piece in our space. Your item will be on hold for 48 hours. If you're unable to pick up your item in this time please contact us and we can work with you. Unfortunately, if the time has passed and we're unable to contact you we'll have to put that item back up for sale. We'll make every effort to ensure you receive your item. Once you place your item on hold you can head over to The Market, pay your balance, and take it home with you.